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Please save your documents in jpg, jpeg or pdf format so that we can view them. All digital cameras and digital scanners support jpg and jpeg files, and many scanners produce files in pdf format. All

All practitioners are licensed by their provincial regulatory agency, or they are a registered member of a professional association that is recognized by us.  These agencies and associations regulate

A medical prescription is required to reassess the claim.  Please obtain a prescription from a Physician or Nurse Practitioner (if allowed by your plan) and upload it to your online account. To upload

Orthodontics is the use of dental appliances to correct an occlusion (e.g., spaces, crooked teeth). Every plan is different therefore it is important to check your coverage. To check your coverage for

As it turns out, your pharmacy submitted multiple times for your medication. It is not uncommon for a pharmacy to transmit a claim several times if they need to make an adjustment to the quantity or