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Compounds are medications that are not available commercially that must be prepared by a pharmacist (could be oral, topical or injectable). Compounds must contain an active eligible ingredient in a

In Canada, health care is a provincial/territorial responsibility meaning each province/territory has its own set of plans and programs. Below is a brief description of the drug programs currently

Offered to you and your dependants (age 16 and over) if you have the GSC mental health/counselling services benefit, the MindBeacon Therapist Guided Program is an effective, easy-to-access way to

The GSC everywhere app is available for iOS (Apple) through the Apple App Store and, Android through Google Play – and it’s free!   Click here to get to the page on our website that will link you to

If your claims are not a result of your accident, we require one of the following:   A prescription from a medical doctor or nurse practitioner stating that your (type) claims are not a result of the