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Tip 1: Brush up on your travel insurance benefits Have a quick review of your travel insurance benefits before you go, and familiarize yourself with your policy coverages and take note of any

Travelling Tips:  Family Vacations   5 tips for family travel to start your vacation off right   It’s really all about fostering great relationships between siblings, parents and grandparents – making

Here is the current GSC standard group travel plan language that includes travel assistance services, covered benefits, definitions, limitations, exclusions.    Please note that this is STANDARD GSC

If you have paid for emergency medical services while outside of Canada, you can still contact GSC Travel Assistance for guidance after the fact.  They will provide you with instructions on submitting

In the event of a claim, the patient’s treatment records will be requested as well as medical records for the 90 day period prior to the trip.  These records could be requested from your primary care