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The cost of a minor medical treatment, such as an emergency room visit for a bone fracture, can surpass the cost of your trip. Medical treatment costs in the United States, for example, vary greatly

If your travel claim is denied and you would like to dispute the denial, you can submit an appeal to GSC Travel Assistance. An Appeal can be submitted by letter, email or fax. The appeal must be

If GSC Travel Assistance requires any further documentation, they will issue a letter by mail or email requesting the required documentation. If you call for an update, you’ll be instructed at that

Unfortunately, this can sometimes happen. The billing departments are not always located within the medical facility; they are often a separate service. There are times when GSC Travel Assistance has

One of the most important things we can provide is the international dialing code(s) for the location you are traveling to. With the proper international dialing code, you will be able to contact GSC