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A Dental Accident (DA) is an accidental injury to natural teeth caused by a direct blow to the mouth that is not by an object consciously or unconsciously placed in the mouth (i.e., eating) that

Depending on your plan, reimbursement for medications may be limited to the price of the lowest cost alternative (generic) medication if there is one available. Some plans may allow reimbursement to

Your plan has an allowed amount that is eligible for reimbursement for each drug. This is based on a calculation that incorporates the drug cost, dispensing fee and markup percentage for the pharmacy.

Most plans allow for a six-month vacation supply (183 days) of your medications. Please advise your pharmacy you are going on vacation so they can indicate this upon electronic claims submission as

A biosimilar is a biologic that comes to market after the originator drug. A “biosimilar” is a Health Canada-approved medicine that has the same positive health outcomes for patients as the originator