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Want to know how to submit a claim through GSC everywhere?  As there are so many claim options you can choose from, we recommend that you view a short video that will take you through the steps to

Additional supporting documentation can be uploaded via GSC everywhere by following the simple steps below: Click here to sign in to GSC everywhere. Click on Your Claims  and then Claims History to

For claims submitted online, you will be prompted to provide proof of payment only when required (but do keep copies for 13 months after the date of service). If submitting claims through the mail or

All claims that are not in English or French must be translated prior to submitting the claim to GSC. Plan members may choose any translation service of their choice or translate the service

Yes. You will need to enter the same claim details and treatment information in the app as you do when you submit a claim through your online account. You will have a chance to review your claim