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Don’t forget Know yo ur... • Trip • Health • Policy • Rights • Respo nsibilitie s Visit the Travel H ealth Associat ion of Ca nada’s website to learn more! H NO! Deep breaths... 911 exhale. We’

Winter holiday travel tips Here are some great tips for an even more enjoyable travel experience. Tip 1: Brush up on your travel insurance benefits Have a quick review of your travel insurance

3 Tips for a Smooth Claims Process Any medical emergency can be stressful, and this is especially true when it happens away from home. So we want to help make the claims process smoother, and less

5 tips for family travel to start your vacation off right It’s really all about fostering great relationships between siblings, parents and grandparents – making the journey and destination that much

A general rule to determine length of time for determining stability is 90 days prior to leaving your home province. All cases are assessed on an individual basis.   The considerations when