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Every medication has a corresponding Drug Identification Number (DIN).   In order to confirm eligibility of coverage for fertility medications on your plan, we require a list of medications, including

A Glucose Monitoring System (GMS) is technology that provides almost real-time glucose readings, allowing people with diabetes to see glucose levels throughout the day and night, and track how quickly

Psychotherapy is an interactive process that includes many methods and techniques to help people deal with issues that are preventing them for living fully. You can verify your coverage by following

You may be covered for a TENS machine if it is a benefit of your plan and specific medical criteria is met.    Treatment must be rendered in conjunction with active chiropractic or physiotherapy

HPV is also known as human papillomavirus. You can check your coverage for vaccines used to prevent certain types of cancer-causing HPV (such as Gardasil or Cervarix) through your online account using